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Accelerated Orthodontics Using Propel in Nashville

Creating Beautiful Smiles With Cutting-Edge Technology

Orthodontic treatment takes about 18 months to 3 years to complete depending on the severity of the alignment issue. Unfortunately, not all patients are willing to invest their time, especially adults who lead busy lives. But what if we tell you that there is a way to cut your treatment time in half?

At Braces by Dr. Ruth, we utilize Propel technology to accelerate a patient’s orthodontic treatment. Whether your treatment plan includes traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, or clear aligners, we can combine this with the Propel system for you to achieve the straight, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted in less time.

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What Is Propel Orthodontics?

In our continuous effort to provide patient-focused orthodontic services, Dr. Ruth is always looking for ways to provide faster and more effective treatments. As a leading orthodontic practice in Nashville, we are proud to offer Propel technology to all our patients. This innovation allows us to adjust your teeth faster and more predictably, including those with difficult or stubborn teeth.

What are the benefits of Propel?

  • Moves teeth more quickly
  • Heals gum tissues faster
  • Stimulates bone development in the upper and lower jaw
  • Cuts the length of treatment by 50%

Propel is virtually painless and takes only minutes to complete. The procedure involves creating a series of small holes or alveolar perforations to make the bone on either side of your teeth more pliable for proper alignment.

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

Propel is the perfect companion for any orthodontic treatments. During your free initial consultation, Dr. Ruth can further discuss the many benefits of Propel and let you decide whether you would want to add this technology to your treatment plan.

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