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SureSmile® in Nashville

Why SureSmile® Might Be Right for You

SureSmile® is a leader in robotic orthodontics. Robotic orthodontics use an advanced system of computer imaging, exotic alloys, and robotics to create an efficient straightening and aligning process. While that process was designed to create cutting-edge traditional braces, the expertise that SureSmile® has gained over the years translates into their clear aligners as well.

The treatment planning system that SureSmile® implements is detailed, thorough, and places a larger amount of control in the hands of the orthodontist using it. This means that we are able to produce highly customized results for patients with specific needs when we use this system. For this reason, SureSmile can be the best clear aligner option for more complex orthodontic cases. At Braces By Dr. Ruth, our team is prepared to help you decide if this treatment plan is right for you.

Benefits Unique to SureSmile®:

  • After scanning takes place, SureSmile® stitches the scanned dentition to a frontal smiling photo, which helps us to envision the end result of the process.
  • We are able to view the net root and crown movements in 3D imaging. This helps us to fully understand what the impact of treatment will be, cosmetically and on the patient’s oral health as a whole.
  • SureSmile® software gives us the ability to view step-by-step movements for each tray, so we can give you a clear understanding of what to expect with each one. This also helps us take the final design into consideration.
  • With SureSmile®, we are able to control the way that a certain tooth can be moved in order to produce the desired result.
  • SureSmile® does not move the teeth any faster than traditional braces or aligners, but the computerized treatment plan allows the teeth to shift in a more direct path to the targeted positions. This direct movement can result in a shorter treatment time than other options.

Our goal is to make you love your smile, and our customized treatment plans will help you get there no matter which clear aligner option you choose. If you think that SureSmile® or another clear aligner may be right for you, call our office at (615) 323-2026 or contact us online today!

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