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Traditional Metal Braces in Nashville

Correcting the Alignment of the Teeth & Jaw

Traditional metal braces remain the most common type of braces, and advances in technology have made them more comfortable than ever before. Metal braces straighten the teeth using metal brackets and archwires that are made of high-grade stainless steel. At Braces By Dr. Ruth, we offer traditional metal braces in Nashville to correct a range of problems.

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How Traditional Braces Work

Braces apply gentle, yet steady pressure to gradually move the teeth into the correct position. The brackets are placed on the teeth and an adhesive is used to keep them in place. The archwire connects the brackets and works by applying the pressure needed to move the teeth into their new position. Advances in dental technology have made traditional metal braces smaller, sleeker, and more comfortable for patients.

Braces can correct a variety of problems, including:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Crowding
  • A misaligned bite
  • Orthodontic problems that interfere with eating or speaking

Once your braces are on, they will need to be tightened periodically to provide sufficient pressure where it is needed to align your jaw and straighten your teeth. The length of time braces need to be worn varies widely, depending on the specific problems and correction that is needed.

Add Style to Your Braces

We offer traditional metal braces in Nashville with the option of adding colored elastics to the brackets for a more vibrant smile. You can choose your favorite color, use colors for your school or favorite sports team, or celebrate the holidays with your bands. There are a wide variety of colors available and bands are changed regularly, so you can try something different every time.

For more information about metal braces in Nashville, call (615) 323-2026 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ruth. Our team is happy to answer questions you may have.

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